Week 9: Time to Swim

More Than Enough Essentials Fall 2020 Week 9: Time to Swim

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      CAFO Staff

      Now that it’s time to “gather at the field” in your community, what  have you learned during this course about what you specifically have to offer?  What have you learned about what you lack and cannot do without others showing up at the field with you?

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      Amy Pettit

      This course has been amazing and I am sad it is coming to an end.  As for what it has taught me, I am a statistics person.  I love the numbers, the ratios, the percentages, the all of the above.  This course has taught me that narrowing the population of those numbers to make it apply to your area more will have a better impact.  Instead of giving numbers for the state of Arkansas, I should narrow it down to Cleburne County for it to have a greater impact on my community.

      I am also a person that just wants to get it done.  That sometimes means that I just do it myself without asking others for help.  However, as chapter 10 pointed out, building trust, sharing ideas, and collaborating with others could make a bigger difference than I could by myself.

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      Ryan Keith

      Thanks for facilitating the course. I’ve learned how helpful my experience in public policy and churches can be to culturally translating these groups that often seem in conflict but often just don’t understand each other. My role as a facilitator and translator will be helpful to creating collaboration across sectors.

      However, I know I (and our church) need stronger relationships with case managers and our county Child & Youth Services. We need more relationships with people actually doing the care for foster families within our region’s system (beyond what we do as churches) and bio families seeking reunification. They understand the details (and the messiness) in ways I only scratch the surface at in my role.

      Excited to get to work in new ways together.

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      [email protected]

      I have really enjoyed this class. Thank you for offering it! As to the question, I feel that what we have to offer is that we equip families well for foster care, and support them in their foster journey. Where we lack is that we need to work with churches to find families, and with the state and other licensing agencies to get children placed in supported and well equipped homes.

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      Chris Schutter

      We had some great momentum going before covid.  We had had months of prayer before we reached out to our church pastor and elders.  They are now praying with us and supporting our efforts to bring wrap-around and establish a good rapport with our local DHHS.  I believe we are at another time when we must pray and wait….God did wonderful things before and He will do them again.

      I’m grateful that this course has given some clear next steps and we will be praying that the Lord will show us which path we are to take to get to MTE 🙂

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