Week 6: The Actively Engaged Church

More Than Enough Essentials Fall 2020 Week 6: The Actively Engaged Church

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      CAFO Staff

      Which of the 3 next steps you came up with for your church (question #5) are you going to commit to working on in the next several weeks?  How can your cohort-mates be praying for you?

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      Tina Jones

      It showed me that we don’t keep a clear on-ramp constantly available to the congregation.  There should be something- literature, trainings, opportunities for all levels of engagement offered and in front of the church perpetually. Pray that we would choose these items wisely.

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      Ryan Keith

      For us, I want to do the following:

      1. Convene Zoom convo with 5 churches I’ve talked with, including ours. I’ve talked with churches individually, but we need to respond collectively in the same room.

      2. Have clear action steps and commitments outlined, but don’t make it too prescriptive so it comes across as a finished product. The MTE framework is helpful, but I have outlined some possible next steps we could take in unity in our own context to put meat on the skeleton MTE provides us.

      3. Start reporting to one another where we are (active families, support teams, waiting, in process/applying, etc.) so we can begin measuring some of the key outcomes and share data with our county Children & Youth Services agencies.

      Prayer: courage to jump in, trusting that leadership will emerge to co-labor with me. COVID-19 has stretched so many churches, including ours. Yet, children remain waiting and in limbo, with eviction moratoriums ending locally in January. MTE has given me a framework to follow and good questions to ask so we do this together.

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      Maren Vallerand

      An area of weakness that I was reminded of is consistent communication via multiple channels. Our team does not have graphic design or technical know-how, nor are we active in social media. We attempted a Facebook group which seemed the least amount of maintenance, but even that we recognized quickly we could not utilize effectively. At one point we attempted to bring on an intern for this but it didn’t pan out–I am quite certain we have folks in our church who would gladly give time to help us in this area. Now to find them!

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        [email protected]
        CAFO Staff

        I love that Maren, and can relate through my work too! It seems simple – but requires a lot of maintenance!

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      [email protected]

      Better communication, be more open about what areas need more/better communication.  Be bold in opening those lines.

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      [email protected]

      The big takeaways for me were being clearer with the language I use, using language that includes churches in the mission, and building partnerships around the partnering churches heart, instead of just giving them another plate to spin. With these next steps, I hope to take away obstacles to partnering with us.

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      Deborah West

      My biggest take away was the language we use. Seeing and framing our ministry as servants of the church, as well as the foster community, instead of dependent on the church.

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      Jason Grewe

      I am late because I was down with COVID and still am a little bit (there are 3 out of the 4 in our household with it – so please pray for us).

      I just sent the assessment to our church staff / lay leaders so I do not have the results. That said, I can think of 3 ways that I can help (and have started helping) to engage our church staff in this.

      1. I have volunteered to be the “connector” of sorts to get interested congregants involved with corresponding opportunities of interest with child welfare – whether that is CASA, an agency or some other volunteer or support opportunity.

      2. I have connected the staff with multiple agencies in this space to bring them to the table to see how we can effect change. We are looking into creating a Pastors cohort as we have one of the more influential pastors when it comes to being a mouthpiece for foster care – we just need to use that influence more to help others to engage. The thing is – we need a system to help them take that next step prior to inviting them to engage. In other words – we have the audience, but no specific CLEAR plan to point them to once we engage that audience.

      3. We are beginning to find a way to connect with our current foster and adoptive families to find ways that we can help them in order to create the on ramps for people to volunteer to help with.

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        [email protected]
        CAFO Staff

        I love that you are seeking others to partner with and families to listen to!


        Thanks for sharing the assessment with your church, I hope you see the full results soon- if it appears there is an error, please reach out to me! Also, I hope that everyone is on the mend in your household, we have been praying for you guys.

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      Chris Schutter

      I will be working on making sure our newest foster care family has the wrap-around that they need.  If we do this well, while promoting the idea of everyone doing their “something”; I hope that the whole church will be able to see how valuable the body is to OVC. (We call our ministry this because “foster care” sometimes holds a negative tone)                                            Although we have many foster care families at our church, most of their licenses have lapsed because they have adopted and their quiviers are truly full!  We have had one of these families reach out for respite care and we want to provide that as well.

      I want to consistently provide a few of “my friends” from church who are great prayer partners with timely topics for prayer. Pray, pray, pray!

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      Jamie Bleakley

      We have strong support for foster families and resources but I don’t see them being as transparent as they could be. I have been directed to other families that are expressing interest in foster care/ adoption more by word of mouth within the church than having an established missions team.

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