Shame, Beauty, and the Healing Power of Community

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Beauty lies in wait for us around every corner. Who would guess that it is God’s invitation to vulnerability and one of his most profound resources for the healing from shame that we so deeply long for? Who knew that—if we would only open our eyes to it—beauty is the wellspring that God uses to nourish who we are so that we can flourish as we care for the orphan and draw them into doing the same? The good and the hard news is that beauty will find us in an infinite manner of forms and places—but never more profoundly than in the context of deeply connected interpersonal relationships. For indeed, beauty is not merely something that we seek, but something we are becoming. This workshop explores the nature of shame and the necessary place of being deeply known in community as the way home to the goodness and beauty that God imagines for us and the orphans for who are in our care.