Three Roles of a Network Leader

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Instructor: David Hennessey, Director, CAFO Global Network

Course Start: Upon Registration

Course Length: 1 Session

Leaders are often called upon to do every job as they develop their networks. They begin as the vision caster and rallying point for pastors, leaders and advocates. As the network grows, they must recruit more churches and NGOs into the alliance. Passionate advocates request training offerings, so they organize the logistic of training, gather materials (or create their own) and serve as the registration point, trainer, food server and travel agent.

God has placed certain qualities within our personalities and prepared us with unique skills to perform very effectively within the role He has called us to accomplish. When we step outside of those qualities and skills and into other roles, we find that we become less effective. Sometimes, we may even get frustrated, burnt out and ready to quit.

This course is intended to help you understand the Three Roles of a Network Leader, and begin to identify which of these roles you are uniquely qualified to serve.

This is a “micro-course,” meaning you can finish it in a single session, taking less than one hour. At the end, you’ll take a survey of your own personality qualities and skills to see an estimate of your strengths as an Inspirer, Equipper or Connector.